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Welcome to blueturtlebooks

Welcome to blueturtlebooks, a place of fun and adventure on this beautiful blue island of the universe that we call “home.” blueturtlebooks is an independent Canadian publisher that seeks to reflect wholesomeness and good values in its children’s and general fiction products, often with a hint of history thrown in.

Reader Reviews

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Brooklyn M. Age 12
"I thought this book was amazing and mysterious. I loved the character's names. I thought they were extremely funny characters. This book was great to read because I understood the places and events that were happening."
Diane W. Avid Reader

"I enjoyed this engaging story about life in an indigenous community. A good read - interesting history, surprising ending."

Denise P. Librarian

"It's a good, readable book. It was well-paced and held my attention. I especially liked the images at the beginning."

About Lloydminster AB/SK

Lloydminster is one of those unusual places. It was covered with rich Canadian prairie grass, small bunches of poplar trees and willows, and occasional bison bones and plops. Then the immigrants came and built a town. The area was then part of Canada’s vast Northwest Territories.

But two years later, in 1905, the Canadian government divided this huge land mass into provinces. The border line between Alberta and Saskatchewan was placed on the map line called the 4th meridian.

It just so happens that the town the immigrants had built was also on the 4th meridian. Ever since that time, Lloydminster has been located in two provinces: Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Now, what could three adventurous sisters do at the local mall with such a situation, late one night in the winter?